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The BioMane Boys of Bar Diamond

Amigo, Boots & D-Boy

I’ve always been a fan of loooong manes and tails. Frankly, who isn’t… Am I right? But over the years and horses, I’ve bought some prospects that have been a little lack luster in the looks department. Maybe they need some groceries, their feet fixed up, and occasionally I’ve even bought a few with manes and tails that I’d rather not go into detail about. I’ve done this purely based on the potential they show in the roping pen. So I’ve brought them home, and gone to fixing all the aesthetic things mentioned above, and put them through my training program.

Waiting for a mane to grow back, or a tail to drag on the ground is almost the same as watching a pot of water boil. It seems to take FOREVER, with very little progress. I brush, I braid, I shampoo, I condition, I don’t brush, I leave it alone, I do EVERYTHING I can think of for a 1/2” of growth. And I swear to you, that 1/2”of progress is the most painful thing to go through for an impatient girl like me!

Through all my internet searches, and googling, I really wasn’t able to find a concrete answer as to how fast a horse’s mane and tail should grow. The consensus was, much like people, it varies from horse to horse. Just as some people are blessed with good hair genes, horses are much the same. HOWEVER, there are some things we can do to help it along such as quality feed, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to make sure our horses have all they need to encourage healthy growth.

A few years ago I started feeding BioMane to my personal horses, and I saw a HUGE difference in how their coat, feet, mane and tails were growing. Some had great hair to start with, others were a not quite a lucky in the flowing locks department, but let me tell you after not long everyone was looking so much prettier! Thicker tails, longer manes, stronger feet, shiner slick coats. #winning #welikeprettyhorses

Rewind to earlier this spring 2019, I had the chance to be introduced personally to the BioMane team and we HIT IT OFF! I love their products so much that we decided to work together on an ongoing basis. So without further adieu let me officially introduce you to the “BioMane Boys of Bar Diamond”. BTW I just think that name is so cute!


Boots aka Bootsie is my 5 yr old BIG TIME prospect. I’ve had him about a year and went to roping on his as soon as I brought him home. He took to it like a natural, and is going to be a superstar. He’s a goof ball, still acts like a 2 year old, and is always getting into everything. As you can see, he’s already well endowed in the looks department and is blessed with a great mane & tail. I thought BioMane would be a great choice for him because we’re just starting to haul him places so he’s going to be getting rode more often, which equals more grooming. I want that gorgeous mane and tail to stay with me as he gets hauled, and I also want to toughen up his feet. He’s a bit tender footed as it is, so I keep him shod all the time but I want to make sure those hooves are staying strong.


You guys met D-Boy a few weeks ago but let me refresh your memory. He’s 8, and is an AMAZING head horse that’s been out with an injury for the last year. During recovery, not only did he lose some of fitness, his mane went to hell! I don’t know if he rubbed it out, or someone decided he looked tasty but when we brought him in to start working again, a huge chunk was GONE. I cried a little at the look of it. He has a super long tail already, but it’s not quite as thick as I would like one to be. So he's going on BioMane!


Remember that horse I talked about up top, the one full of potential but leaves a lot to be desired with looks. Well, this is the horse I was talking about! HAHA. He’s got it all there to be my next #1 but lord help me, when I got him he needed his feet done, an all you can eat buffet, and help in the locks department. I’m most excited to see the difference BioMane makes for Amigo. Here is a quick little video of us practicing a few weeks ago.

If you’re like I was above – wondering, waiting, praying, and trying everything under the sun to get your horses mane and tail to grow. You should sign up for the BioMane Challenge, they have 30, 60 & 90 day packages starting at only $35. They ship right to your door, and have a variety of accessories like tail bags and brushes to make sure your hair growth progress is protected. I’ll give you all updates in the coming months, so you can see for yourself how

I’m so excited to see how these horses do on BioMane, and can’t wait to share the progress with you. But mostly, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to BioMane for partnering with me. The Bar Diamond barn is going to be coming to town in style thanks to these guys.

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