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LubriSynHA & Bar Diamond Join Forces

Earlier this week I announced via social media that I’ve recently become part of the LubriSynHA family, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to join their team! High-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid supports joint health by replenishing synovial fluid which we all lose over time. Their products are amazing for horses, dogs, livestock and people; and I LOVE that these products help to reduce my vet expenses, likelihood for injury, and keep me and my horses feeling their best in and out of the competition arena.


Here are a few reasons why LubriSynHA has become part of my daily care routine, and why I am excited to be part of their team!


I am ALL about efficiency with my horse care routine. The more I can streamline my daily routine, the more time I can spend doing what I love; ROPING! LubriSynHA Equine & Pet is the easiest joint support system I have found – you literally add a ½ oz of liquid as top dressing on feed and that’s it! They are sold in various sizes depending on your needs / herd size. The easiest is the gallon jug with a pump. I just squirt in a dose with my grain mixture and toss it all in the feed bin once a day. **LubriSynHA recommends a double dose for the first 10 days. Dosage can also be increased for animals that need extra support due to age, injury, or in heavy work / competition**


Do you love FAST results? Well this is the ticket for you then! LybriSynHA Equine & Pet users are seeing FAST results, in as little as 7-10 days on how their animals are responding to the increased joint support. I also love that this will reduce my annual expenses on injections and maintenance for my horses. I ask A LOT of my horses, and I want to make sure that they always have what they need to perform at their best.


Who doesn’t love saving money?! We all bust our balls to make sure our horses receive the best care money can buy – feed, saddles, trailer, vet care, massage, chiro, board, etc… The list can literally go on & on for days! When I can save a little bit of money on some of the daily care items, I am pretty excited.

At full retail cost LubriSynHA Equine & Pet costs (hold onto your hats!) as little $1.25 / day. That’s unheard of for equine care and preventative maintenance.

Check out their FAQ page to read more about the benefits and science behind this amazing product!


My little superstar, and accident prone, gelding Lefty had a NASTY wire cut wound on his cheek, I could not get it to heal up no matter what I tried. Enter LubriSynHA Topical Spray. Less than a week later, this bad boy is almost healed right up! I sure am regretting not taking before & after pictures to share with you. But seriously, this topical spray is like a miracle liquid you can use if for everything from saddle sores, to rain rot, to scratches. My barn will never be without this stuff again. I LOVE IT!

D-Boy is one of our Rockstar head horses who has been off due to injury for the last year. He overreached and cut into his superficial flexor tendon – as you can see it was pretty nasty. But timing is everything, and he’s back to work and feeling really good. BUT I want to make sure he stays sound. Being off for that length of time, and then going back to work can be hard on a horses’ joints and muscles so we’ve put him on LubriSynHA Equine & Pet to make sure he has all the protection and support he can get as he heads back to the roping pen. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with his progress!


Here’s the best part of my relationship with LubriSynHA, they want you to save some of that hard-earned money too! Shop online at LubriSyn.com and use the referral code “KYLIEMCLEAN” to save 25% off your first order of any of their products for you / pets / horses / livestock.

This is so awesome! With this discount, you can ensure your horses joints are supported and protected for UNDER $1 / day. You can’t buy anything for a dollar anymore!! So do your friends a favor and share this with them. Your other equine friends & family will thank you for helping them save some $ too!

Let me know how you like using LubriSynHA by leaving me a comment, sending me a text or email!

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